The Beginning

Longstanding guild with exceptional players, always striving for excellence.

Truly, what is now known as Resonate started off as any other guild does; a group of people with aspirations of glorious conquest and realmwide recognition. We started with very few people, with talent slowly trickling in over time. The root of the guild lies within our long-gone guild of the Wrath of the Lich King era, Perseverance, lead by Caremeter and Scrublord.

Perseverance was the brainchild of these two: with Caremeter coming from a long top-tier raiding history with the likes of Void, and with Scrublord holding onto longstanding raiding traditions earned through clearing Naxxramas 40-man during vanilla, the two definitely had the means to lead others into the same environment that they were born from: competitive raiding.

Make no mistake, they weren't after a 20-hour a week part-time job raidgroup. The idea they had at the time was (as some would put it) "ludicrous" and "laughable": a group of people with the skill of the best of the best, but on a schedule that trims the fat of those 4-hour raid nights by enforcing a light schedule while demanding exceptional top-tier play 100% of the time.

Laugh if you will.

It worked.

Into the Flames

Reaching breaking points; becoming the beast.

Cataclysm proved to be a tough mistress. We entered the expansion with huge hopes and, for some of us, so much to prove. Several of us had the extreme endgame experience, however some of us were fresh; the world of serious raiding was our playground, and we were ready to cut our teeth.

We went through normal modes quickly, only to encounter the large wall that (at the time) was imbalanced heroic progression. We bickered and yelled to no avail, watching the guild crumble before us. The towel was thrown in, and some went their seperate ways.

Fast forward to patch 5.2; Firelands. We were together again, and ready to crunch content after learning and refining our gameplay while with other guilds. We bore the monicker of Carebears; only Carebears enjoy PvE. And so we did, keyboard and mouse in hand; we took the bull by the horns and went on to pave new roads for the raiding scene of Bleeding Hollow, by bringing a Realm First! Heroic: Ragnaros to the horde; it had been a while since they had seen one.

Dragon Soul is released and everyone everywhere is disappointed with the state of the raid; boring, rehashed boss fights with little to no innovation. Spine of Deathwing was interesting but entirely a gimmick, and Heroic: Madness of Deathwing left a bitter taste in our mouths in regards to Blizzards ability to push out quality encounters. We finished Cataclysm at a strong US Top 30 ranking, and heralded the end of several players' raiding careers. At the time, we quit, and that was it; most of us didn't think Mists of Pandaria was worth pursuing.

Thank you for the excellent raids, and the memories that accompany them. You guys know who you are, wherever you may be.

Through the Mists

The death of one leads to the revival of many.

With the raidgroup parting ways and the conclusion of the expansion, I'll fast-forward to about June 2012. Some of us had the itch to raid, and after looking at Mists of Pandaria with much skepticism, we decided to attempt to bring as much of the group back together again as we could, filling in the gaps with new blood if necessary. We took over Carebears and renamed to Resonate. With five original players in hand, we recruited and had a raid going to get people mounts and achievements, and operated some sales runs to bolster the guild bank in preparation for the new expansion. Some of the new recruits were promising, and are still with us even today (one is even co-guildmaster for our foray into Eorzea).

We rose from what remained of Carebears and started picking up where it left off; we had a rocky start going into the new tier, but that was largely due to getting accustomed to the new faces and learning to play nice with each other.

After clearing into some hardmodes, Vaiur burned out and wanted to pursue some things in real life, so he left the guild in the hands of our warrior, Xiic. They've put up a strong showing; US 33rd Heroic: Sha of Fear, and most recently US 13th Heroic: Lei Shen. With Siege of Orgrimmar on the horizon, they are looking to close out the expansion with a strong finish.

We rise, Reborn!

A new leaf, a chance to strive for excellence once again.

Here we stand. Some of us have lost our passion for World of Warcraft, but the same fire that was lit inside us in our prime is once again aflame with the advent of A Realm Reborn. Continuing under the name we forged for ourselves, we step into Eorzea with high hopes and a thirst for the new experience waiting for us. It goes without saying; we are excited and hungry again.

We will make a name for ourselves, and once again we will work through the trials and tribulations involved in becoming a high-end guild; we will earn the respect once more.

Prepare yourself, Eorzea. An empty page lies before us, and the quill is in our hands. Dusty and worn pages have passed, but a fresh and crisp one lies waiting for history to be written, adventures waiting to be experienced, and stories to be shared for years to come. One thing, however, stands above all else:

the hunger resonates inside of us once more.