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WHM, BLM, and SMN for endgame PVE!

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Resonate: Eorzea Edition!

Resonate is officially opening its doors for recruitment! What does that mean for you? First, we implore you to take a moment to read our about page to learn about us, who we are, and what exactly it is we are doing with our introduction to the world of Eorzea. With that said..

A brief look at our presence in A Realm Reborn: PVE-oriented with our eyes set on frontline endgame progression, and an environment that promotes the growth of those with exceptional skill and desire. It's worth mentioning that over several years, we've built a reputation (in terms of endgame progression) of doing in 6 to 9 hours what many fail to do in 12 to 15 per week. We always strive for excellence during the time we play.

Still interested? Check out our applicant information post.

And finally, thank you for your interest in Resonate: a Free Company located on the Behemoth server.